This is the FAQ page of this site, here you can read some frequently asked questions that you might want to know their answer before you purchase an instrumental at pdbeats.com.

Do I Have To Give Credit To pdbeats.com?

Yes, if you are using any of our instrumental beats and publish it we ask one of this credits –  “Instrumentals by pdbeats”, “Beats by pdbeats” or “Music by pdbeats”, if possible, please support us by including a link to http://www.pdbeats.com/ (for example in the youtube / soundcloud description of your song).

Can I Download Free Instrumental Beats?

Yes, you can download free tagged instrumental beats, enjoy and make some great music, when you’re done come back and send it to us to listen to what you’ve made on the beats.

What is the price for a good rap / pop beat?

The price for one instrumental beat at pdbeats.com is $24.95 usd for non exclusive rights, $199 usd for exclusive rights.

Where can I buy Instrumental beats?

You can buy different genres of beats at the instrumental beats store – pop, rap, r&b and more types of beats available at our shop.

Can I sell my songs on pdbeats instrumentals?

Yes, if you bought any of the instrumentals at pdbeats.com you can use them and sell your songs / music with your vocals lining on the beats, see the beats licenses page for more details.

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