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It’s Time To Enjoy The Music

Humanity is continually striving to create new wars and battles, most of our leaders are trying to make us think that our life is in danger and that we can’t live next to each other in peace and harmony, but the truth is that this is the time to stop the war and to enjoy the music, to live our lives loving each other without any fear. Read more »

The Hottest Top 10 Rap Songs Ever

The top 10 rap songs in all times, this is a list of the hottest and best rap songs that has ever been made in the rap music industry. Read more »

Three good reasons to buy beats online

In this article you can read a few reasons of why independent artists are buying original rap beats online.

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How to create your own website step-by-step

This article is about to explain to you how you can create your own website like this one in few simple steps, with a very cheap investment, this article is made for music artists and music producers that want to learn how to create their own music / beats selling website.
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Building your fans mailing list

Imagine that you could send out an email to all of your fans any time you want, update them every time that you have a show, send them an email when you want them to download your new song, buy your cd or digital cd, do you see the potential in that?
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Why artists should sell music independently

All artists want to live of music, if you are selling your music independently, you don’t have to sell 1,000,000 copies to see profit. Read more »

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